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Calliope Collects: Lights and Lanterns

As per request:

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Hoi An, Vietnam


Fairy Lantern (Lit) (2)

Fairy Lantern (Lit) (5)

Moon and lantern lit up

Chinese Lanterns


Because I couldn’t resist:

Miami Vice

Goodspeed, I look forward to reading the next scrum.

the rule of rubin, confessions of a manga translator (link)


I have a secret to tell you. If you’re ever been particularly moved by a line of dialog in a manga I translated; if something pithy spoke to you in some way, or had some meaning to you; if you thought something was cool or inspiring, or even if you laughed at a joke—that was probably me, not the original cartoonist. It’s disappointing, I know. But I submit for you the Rule of Rubin. It comes from Jay Rubin, translator of the best-selling novels of Haruki Murakami and one of the most notable modern Japanese-to-English translators. Rubin said in an interview: “When you read Murakami (in English), you’re reading me, at least 95% of the time.” When I saw that, I nodded knowingly in agreement. And shuddered a little. Someone had finally said it.

That’s the secret. The Rule of Rubin. When you read the words in a comic—the actual words, mind you—you’re reading me, at least 95% of the time.

Click on the quote to be taken to the full article. It’s a fine read.

hourly comics day 2016

Yesterday didn’t go as planned, I’ll upload the six-ish hourlies I did in one go later today, but while you are waiting for that here is a small sampling by other artists:

Find more hourly comics on twitter: #hourlycomicsday

A bit of history on hourly comics day


One solitary tear crept through the scars of his face, through the diagrams of constellations  and the incised maps of influence and dominion. A liquid without name, it being made of so many emotions and conflicts, each cancelling the other out until only salt and gravity filled the moment and moved down through his expression.

Pg 15, the Vorrh, B Catlin.

isbn: 978-1-101-87378-6