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illustrators get yourself a website (updated 2017)

The reason you should have a website; it’s yours.

When fb/twitter/instagram/google+ decide to improve things for themselves no chronological timeline (insta)

 and render search/social reach near useless (fb)– unless you pay/click through several hidden settings-

 or lock you out (nickname (fb) | flagged content (fb)), nuke your content because of a claim (google)..


You’ll have your own site. 

Other than having a stable place to keep things, where you decide what people get to see; you”ll do work on your brand recognition* and make sure another business doesn’t claim your name/brand.


I don’t know how to build a site! I don’t have time!


Make time. Learn to code ( or hire someone to do it for you**, buy an out-of-the-box service like artstation; cargo collective ***

Want to sell objects & downloads? shopify | society 6 | gumroadwordpress & woocommerce

Got one of those; now forward/connect your url.  And done.


If you don’t know where to forward ? Make a tiny html site and put in all your social medial links.

You can find an easily adjustable template at HTML5UP


Seriously;  an .nl url in the netherlands can be bought for €5,- euro (and often less in combination with a hosting package)

Don’t like the URL anymore? Don’t renew it. Want a different URL? Get that one instead.

But if you wait around though, the nicest/coolest URLs will have been bought.





*** Artstation/cargo collective are less optimal since your data still on someone elses server (cloud) but better than solely relying on fb/twitter/google/instagram)

**That could be me, or ask your friend(s) who have a great site,who built their website for them.

* If “brand recognition” is an abhorrent phrase to you “ewww!! marketing” then keep your art your hobby. Seriously.

You don’t have to be a zig ziglar type or [insert famous influencer]; you do need to figure out how you engage with to your audience&customers.



Mastodon and other networks

Once more for those who are curious but not really motivated to go check it out:

The purpose of mastodon is not to be another twitter

The purpose is to be the best things about twitter and have better moderation (strict enforcement of no hate speech) empower users to freely switch with all their data between different houses and give them better control over who they see ( you can import and export your block list & your favorite users list.)

Don’t like your current instance (house) any more? Pick up our data and move on to another.

One house may fall and yet you can continue your conversations elsewhere.

The strength of a (house) instance relies on the moderation of the person(s) governing the instance, the individuals populating the (instance)

As a moderator (instance owners)

You can limit the number of people living in the house, so you have a nice easy going local timeline

you can choose to which houses updates (toots) you subscribe and have a bustling federated timeline

and then there is your personal timeline, which is your subscription to individuals across (houses) Instances.

You and I can set up a mastodon instance, it’s open source, unlike twitter which grows denser by the day and more restrictive.

Yes. As I’ve said if the moderation fails, the technician (usually the moderator) fails to enact best practices on security of server the instance may disappear.

But the other mastodon nodes will still exist.

I understand everyone would like a stable thing that works right out of the gate, but if we never try, we’ll be stuck with whatever ‘freedom’ we have now. how to guide

Finally people are jumping on this network 🙂

It is decentralized, so you sign up for a particular node, which on its own connects to other nodes ( an address and streets that connect to other addresses.)

Pick the best one from the list

A good rating (uptime & https( A or A+) IPv6) then sign up with your email and user name

Your account URL will look something like this:

You can back up your following list and export/import it.
Same for your block List!

Keep your account private and/or toggle the status between private/public per update (toot)

You can give your ‘toots’ a content warning per toot, so you don’t have to set/label your account mature, just give your update a tag so people can filter.

The general tos is pretty simple; ‘don’t be a dick’

(Varies per node a little one would guess.)

Timeline view:

Painting 3D printed models (PLA )

If you want your 3D printed model to have some colour you can easily paint over it with acrylic(s) based paint.

Ultimaker-forum member Valcrow wrote a great blogpost on doing just that with an airbrush you can see more of his work on

While ideally you would have access to an airbrush and a well aired workroom if you don’t have either you can also use posca acrylic markers, it will be more difficult to get an even coating, but for marking up your model it’ll do.

(I’m going to add pictures of my models painted on with posca’s here, first have to get them of the sd card though)

And then there’s Citadel model paint, used for warhammer miniatures and scale models. You don’t have to use Citadel, it all depends on how you want your model to look and which side-effects of using cheaper paints would be too annoying to tolerate.

Some basic miniature painting tips that carry over.

I hope you found this article useful, feel free to leave a comment or share it around. I’ll add updates to it, to keep it current.






some notes on astropad and cintiq 13hd

Because I like to move around a lot I’ve invested in both a cintiq and an iPad to work on the go or from weird spots around the house. (Past bookavalanches, cat infestations and such.)

While I was happier with Astropad than duet and other hyrid mouse/keypad iPad transforming apps, today I find it doesn’t work like it used to to anymore. The Astropad only shows a screen as long as the cintiq is connected.

Before today I could hook up both and while the cintiq slept/was turned off or was on I could work with the astropad.

Not anymore. it’ll show a blackscreen with a five dot connection. and process keytaps but that is it.

At first I thought it was a setting where the astropad didn’t have a homescreen area, then I  checked for updates – un-installed and reinstalled then rebooted both machines but the problem persists.

I haven’t found anyone with the exact same problem on-line (and if you do have and solved it, I’d like to know if/ what I can do about it.) Meanwhile I’ll pursue this when I don’t have a deadline looming.

blog tip: workflowy

kort geleden twitterde @jeroenmirck:

Altijd vervelend wanneer je website eruit ligt, dat en een wiebelende wi-fi verbinding maakt dat ik liever off-line schrijf in notepad (win) of textedit (mac) notes (iOS) met de optie tot richtext uit (dus zonder schuingedrukt of vetgedrukt opties voor tekst)

Ook erg vervelend als je snel een idee wilt opschrijven is: inloggen/aanzetten en dan 3x moeten klikken voor je een plekkie hebt om je tekst neer te pennen.

De volgende blog tip maakt ook gebruik van de ‘cloud’ (je kunt toch wel stellen dat je blog in de cloud hangt wanneer je ‘m niet op je eigen server draait) dus een wifi/3g verbinding met het net is wel handig.

Met workflowy krijg je een oneindig notitie vel tot je beschikking, hierop kan je naar hartelust lijstjes maken (met daarin weer lijstjes 😉 en schrijven, heel fijn is dat je aan iemands naam in zo’n notitie een @ kan toevoegen en ook hashtag kan gebruiken net zoals op twitter en zo makkelijk kan zoeken tussen je notities.

Verder kan je notities cq. lijstjes delen, samenwerken aan een lijstje, lijstjes wegstrepen (het dus als get things done gebruiken.) natuurlijk is er ook zoals met evernote een mogelijkheid tot betaald p/m en jaarlijks workflowy gebruiken met meer opties en ruimte.

En wow, ze hebben een nette privacy policy die je kan lezen en niet 5 A4-tjes beslaat.

Hier is een filmpje want zien is fijner dan lezen:

en hier zijn twee linkjes

Dit is een referral linkje dan krijg ik extra lijst mogelijkheden ( graag dankjewel 🙂

En hier is de link zonder referral er aan vast, voor als je die liever hebt.

(Nearly) Twenty Years Of Blogging & a bit about WordPress security

Yesterday’s #blogpraat chat (nl) (dutch analogue to #blogchat) philosophized and reminisced about 20 years of blogging: the changes, ‘what if’s’ and new developments. 

Unfortunately my wi-fi chose to drop out for the evening, so I was regaled to reading the ‘log which @rsnijders provides every monday eve. (Thanks, Ray!)

If I’d been able I would’ve liked to talk about tech&security. But hey, now y’all can have a blog about it, with extra tips & links instead. 🙂 

Blogging used to be rather involved technically speaking, with the advent of more easily available tech (which is becoming cheaper by the day) and better visual interfaces for programs, these days it isn’t that hard to set-up a blog anymore.

Lots of on-line services to name a few: tumblr,, exposure, storehouse even offer free blogging space and system maintenance in exchange for ‘only’ your data and usage statistics (with the option to use and re-sell -part(s) of- this data for commercial purposes, the liberties of use on how and when/what vary per service)

If you’d rather keep on exclusively owning the licenses to most of the intellectual property which you share online (auto sharing fb updates, tweets, pics via g+ ,etc. aside.) you can ‘host’ your own blog with wordpress, pivotx, ghost etc. by buying a domain name and some server space.

Buying server space and then installing a blogging platform (cms) like WordPress on your slice of server space means that you get more say over your ideas/intellectual property/content and their licenses. Although your website host takes care of security for the most part, you do need to do a lil’ more maintenance on your own security. (just like you would add extra anti-burglar precautions to your house whether you rent or own it.)

Some general advice:

    Use a strong password (for your database, wordpress and social sharing services)

    A sentence of four or more 8 letter words is a good password, preferably with added $^^#&&( And reLly oddly p_laced spaces and capitals. A sentence is also a bit easier to remember.

    Perhaps if you have a lot of passwords to remember, consider a password manager such as last pass or one pass.

And keep that login safe by

    Having a virus scanner on your computer: key loggers – logging what you type – can nab your pass and other credentials such as your credit card numbers etc.

    Not clicking on suspicious e-mails/website links 

    Not connecting over open ‘gratis’ wifi when you’re flex-working, even if they’re using wi-fi with a password ( these are usually shared with everyone and anyone can snoop on the network) without a vpn (virtual private network) which encrypts your connection.

On the WordPress side of things you can

    Add a dual login/ authentication process with google or install stealth login.

    Install limit login plugin which limits the amount of times an ip-address can try to gain access, hackers can rotate ip-adresses but it adds a degree of difficulty

    Don’t name the admin account ‘admin’ If they really want to people can easily find the admin account name, but not using ‘admin’ takes care of script kiddies, adding yet another degree of difficulty.

    Either manually adjust (harden) your WordPress installation or let a security plugin handle the adjustments.

Stay informed on security, update your plugin/theme/wordpress and back-up regularly is my last bit of advice on keeping your blog running WordPress safely, perhaps even for the next 20 years. 😉

PS: If hardening your WordPress and it’s maintenance sounds like a lot of work you aren’t particularly interested in keeping up with; you can hire me (or another WordPress specialist) to keep an eye on and perform maintenance on your WordPress. Just send me an e-mail with what you would like me to do for your site.

WordPress: tags & categorieën beheren

Zie je ook zo op tegen de lente schoonmaak van je blog?

Hebben de categorieën zich in de aanloop naar 2014 verdubbeld en wilden de tags niet achter blijven, zijn sommige wellicht net iets anders gespeld of vergat je kapitalen (Tag vs tag) en/of kwam je er na weer een wilde blognacht er achter dat je die soortgelijke tag of categorie al had en dacht je: ”Dat ruim ik morgen wel weer eens op.”

Om ettelijke weken later de tags en categorieën in WordPress admin te openen en overvallen te worden door een mini-lawine van vage termen?

Dan is de plugin ‘term management tools’ zeer handig.

Hiermee voeg je in een muisklik tags en/of categorieën samen.

Verder nog nuttig voor de lenteschoonmaak (en de rest van het jaar) is de redirection plugin voor het geval je de categorie in de permalink van je blog gebruikt. Je moet tenslotte de bewegwijzering van je blog niet plots wijzigen zonder goed alternatief.

Zoals altijd, een blogger met een back up van de wordpress en de database is een blije blogger mocht het niet helemaal goed uitpakken met de database verandering(en) die deze plugin doorvoert. 🙂

Blog ze!