illustrators get yourself a website (updated 2017)

The reason you should have a website; it’s yours.

When fb/twitter/instagram/google+ decide to improve things for themselves no chronological timeline (insta)

 and render search/social reach near useless (fb)– unless you pay/click through several hidden settings-

 or lock you out (nickname (fb) | flagged content (fb)), nuke your content because of a claim (google)..


You’ll have your own site. 

Other than having a stable place to keep things, where you decide what people get to see; you”ll do work on your brand recognition* and make sure another business doesn’t claim your name/brand.


I don’t know how to build a site! I don’t have time!


Make time. Learn to code ( or hire someone to do it for you**, buy an out-of-the-box service like artstation; cargo collective ***

Want to sell objects & downloads? shopify | society 6 | gumroadwordpress & woocommerce

Got one of those; now forward/connect your url.  And done.


If you don’t know where to forward ? Make a tiny html site and put in all your social medial links.

You can find an easily adjustable template at HTML5UP


Seriously;  an .nl url in the netherlands can be bought for €5,- euro (and often less in combination with a hosting package)

Don’t like the URL anymore? Don’t renew it. Want a different URL? Get that one instead.

But if you wait around though, the nicest/coolest URLs will have been bought.





*** Artstation/cargo collective are less optimal since your data still on someone elses server (cloud) but better than solely relying on fb/twitter/google/instagram)

**That could be me, or ask your friend(s) who have a great site,who built their website for them.

* If “brand recognition” is an abhorrent phrase to you “ewww!! marketing” then keep your art your hobby. Seriously.

You don’t have to be a zig ziglar type or [insert famous influencer]; you do need to figure out how you engage with to your audience&customers.



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