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Station identification: Hello & Welcome, March 2019

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

Sounds like an obvious statement doesn’t it?

Let me put it this way, if you wait for other people to give you permission to do something, you’ll live your life according to their vision.

So don’t wait, get busy living your life.

This adage doesn’t give you a wildcard to behave like an inconsiderate ass, while claiming ‘assertiveness’.

So a small check for yourselves, “am I being excellent to one another?”

if true then proceed. if false then re-frame your actions until true and then proceed.

artist spotlight: steve toase

in 2017 Steve Toase wrote a story called “Why the Sea Tastes of Salt and Why the Moon Always Looks Toward Us“ it’s very good & I had fun illustrating it. Steve regularly writes these ripping yarns, so you should -if you too wish to be the first to know- subscribe to the gratis newsletter! (While it is gratis, if you so desire, you can donate. This’ll make Steve write even more cool things. Verified fact!)

Steve Toase places on the net’  FB/twitter/website/tumblr


It looks good, heard nice things about it via via. This is the third year they’re holding the contest. you have to ask them about their tos, though! (it probably is behind their registration form?)


Are you one of the inspiring, unique picture book artists we are looking for? If so, please send us three of your most unique illustrations that together tell a story.

The story might already exist or be one of your own. Include the text that goes with each illustration and give a short synopsis (not more than 250 words of the whole story). Send it as a Word document.
The illustrations should not have been published before.
Any technique or medium could be used.
You may enter only if you have not published an entire picture book with a trade publisher before. You are, however, allowed to enter if you have published educational books or other forms and genres before (e.g. in a poetry anthology, adult fiction, book covers, etcetera).
Illustrators from countries other than the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands and Belgium are also allowed to enter for the competition by uploading to any of the organising countries. For the sake of easy communication for all jury members, your text has to be in English.
Upload your entry, with accompanying text, before May 15th 2019. If you pass the first (digital) selection, you will be asked to send us hard copies of your work.

A professional jury will select the three best entries in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom. The results will be announced on this website in June 2019. Winners will be informed by email.

The works of the fifteen winning artists will be part of a travelling exhibition, which will be shown in the participating countries. The final selection will be published in an international catalogue and presented to several leading picture book publishing houses at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020, thus giving the artists an excellent opportunity to find commissions.

pantheon: portrait of the gods (indiegogo)

Lovers of mythology; A few years ago, Cara Walton had the idea of doing a series of portraits of people as various gods and goddesses. She started out shooting a self portrait of herself as the Eumenides (Furies), and then started shooting portraits of her friends as different gods and goddesses.

She’s now raising funds to curate a gallery show and book of these images. Have a look-see ? Sharing is very much appreciated ^^–4#/

social payments’ impact on relationships

When copywriter Kelli Johnson moved to Los Angeles, she didn’t tell her parents that she’d be living with her boyfriend. Johnson, 27, grew up in Bakersfield, a couple of hours’ drive north.
“It’s very conservative, very religious — my parents as well,” she says.
In Los Angeles, she pays the rent, and her boyfriend chips in his half on Venmo.

“And when he did it, he put it in the memo line,” Johnson says. “The month plus the little house emoji, and that’s how my mom saw.”
Her mom uses Venmo too. Johnson was busted.

Venmo has been around for a decade. And with millions of transactions — most of them public — the app’s social nature is changing personal relationships, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Richard Crone, a payments expert and founder of Crone Consulting, laughs when he hears Johnson’s story.
“That reinforces our findings,” he says. “The No. 1 use case is paying rent.”

the death of small mammals

The darkness woke me up by meowing loudly, then ran over me thrice and head butted me for good measure.

After it had been fed, it curled up on my chest smelling of secrets and the death of small mammals, amphibians and the terror of insects.

I’m sure there are stars in it too, but they’re afraid to come out.

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