some notes on astropad and cintiq 13hd

Because I like to move around a lot I’ve invested in both a cintiq and an iPad to work on the go or from weird spots around the house. (Past bookavalanches, cat infestations and such.)

While I was happier with Astropad than duet and other hyrid mouse/keypad iPad transforming apps, today I find it doesn’t work like it used to to anymore. The Astropad only shows a screen as long as the cintiq is connected.

Before today I could hook up both and while the cintiq slept/was turned off or was on I could work with the astropad.

Not anymore. it’ll show a blackscreen with a five dot connection. and process keytaps but that is it.

At first I thought it was a setting where the astropad didn’t have a homescreen area, then I  checked for updates – un-installed and reinstalled then rebooted both machines but the problem persists.

I haven’t found anyone with the exact same problem on-line (and if you do have and solved it, I’d like to know if/ what I can do about it.) Meanwhile I’ll pursue this when I don’t have a deadline looming.

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