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Artist Spotlight: Salgood Sam

You’re feeling it ain’t you. You’ve been dreaming of summer -or heck even spring. The bare wintery walls of your home need some beautiful art to cover up this frozen vista.

Don’t worry if you more of a writerly persuasion, you can commission Salgood Sam to bring your ideas to life! Family portrait, musclecars & cityscapes, he can draw it all!

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Geplaatst door Salgood Sam op Zaterdag 2 februari 2019

Nora Fok

“Nora Fok combines jewelry design with textile art in her science- and math-inspired wearable artworks. (..) creates all of her pieces manually, using hand tools, fine nylon microfilament and basic processes like weaving, knitting, braiding, and knotting.”

Read more at www.thisiscolossal.com/

3500 knit spheres comprise the piece in the opening photo. 0.0 >> Artist’s site: http://www.norafok.com