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awkward service

I’m thinking of starting a service
where people -who routinely over extend themselves- call me up with their latest project/idea gush about “I want to do the thing!” and then I tell them “no you cannot do the thing” “because of thing x,y,z you are already doing”

I’ll then note the project and file it to retrieve at a later date.

A cross between a PA, Editor and YOUR MOM.

-but without the mandatory annual awkward extended family christmas get together.

unless you want that for an extra fee.

the rule of rubin, confessions of a manga translator (link)


I have a secret to tell you. If you’re ever been particularly moved by a line of dialog in a manga I translated; if something pithy spoke to you in some way, or had some meaning to you; if you thought something was cool or inspiring, or even if you laughed at a joke—that was probably me, not the original cartoonist. It’s disappointing, I know. But I submit for you the Rule of Rubin. It comes from Jay Rubin, translator of the best-selling novels of Haruki Murakami and one of the most notable modern Japanese-to-English translators. Rubin said in an interview: “When you read Murakami (in English), you’re reading me, at least 95% of the time.” When I saw that, I nodded knowingly in agreement. And shuddered a little. Someone had finally said it.

That’s the secret. The Rule of Rubin. When you read the words in a comic—the actual words, mind you—you’re reading me, at least 95% of the time.

Click on the quote to be taken to the full article. It’s a fine read.