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One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time – Raccoons

How do they keep getting into people’s trash? Are they just dexterous or actually smart?

“So, why study a raccoon?” Our lab is really interested in the evolution of animal cognition and understanding how certain certain cognitive abilities, like learning and problem solving can aid animals in adpatation to environmental disturbances. (..)

Raccoons are highly succesful and adaptive (…) and there is very little information on their cognition (..)

Listen to the Sciencefriday interview with Lauren Stanton – phd candidate animal behavior- and watch the video below to learn the secret of these tricky trash pandas.

Does it matter if children’s books deliver inaccurate science?

“While scenes such as a talking whale in a kiddie pool are clearly fantastical, images that inaccurately reflect biological reality can lead to misinformation that lingers long past childhood.” (…)

“Because whales are a popular topic in kids’ books, Rice and other researchers have used their portrayal as a measuring stick for scientific accuracy. In a 2016 article called, tellingly, “Cetacean Frustration,” four British scientists surveyed picture books that feature whales and other cetaceans. Of 116 books, 74 had errors. The rate was higher in fiction, but almost half of the nonfiction books also contained errors.”

Read on at www.hakaimagazine.com/features/storybook-whale-fail/