ello, who’s there?

Amidst all my disdain about facebooks privacy-, ethics values, or rather lack thereof

people asked: Which social network do you recommend?

Well, I really liked a few; but without a solid plan to receive a return on investment and view towards the future encompassing growth with users -not at cost of users or users as commercial commodity-, most initiatives I liked folded over time.

The safe answer at this point is: invest in your domain name and self-hosted (preferably) blog.

But! There is a reason we flock to social networks and community fora.

  1. The infrastructure is there, we needn’t worry about technical details, just input our information and strike up a conversation!
  2. Conversation! Interaction! – we can share our message/views with people and they can share theirs.
  3. Discovery! We will see and share things we otherwise wouldn’t have or as expediently.

So what are you to do?

You find a social network that shares the same values regarding privacy and morals/ethics and keep a good eye on their Terms of Service – Their product road map and public announcements (if they share this) – their privacy policy and hope to whichever deity you adhere to/write letters of dismay to, that they don’t join the dark side.

At this point the only still viable option -to me- outside of well managed diaspora nodes– is ello. this me on ello

There are of course hybrid construction possibilities such as artstation -a community and portfolio site – around a theme or skill and the maker communities fora/portfolio sites.

If you have a great alternative(s), feel free to recommend other options.


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