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Sunday-Stylus-Run-around: Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

>So I gave in and bought the Wacom intuos creative stylus

In the Netherlands you can buy them online via either Wacom Europe, multiple 3rd party online stores one of which had a nice discount but middling to poor reviews on customer service, or at the apple affiliate store.
I chose the brick and mortar store because I can easily drop by and exchange pens if there is a warranty issue with the pen.

Some musings after having worked about 1 1/2 months with the pen.


It does two things better than the pogo (pictured above) at this moment: the connection takes less effort to (re-)establish, is more stable (the pen goes to sleep after two minutes of not being used) and the line width and transparency flow is smoother. (Must be those 2048 levels.)

The pens I made for the pogo needed a little tweak and they work fine with the Wacom intuos creative stylus.

If you’ve used the pogo pen or the Wacom bamboo pen, the wacom nib has more bounce and is softer. You can interchange the wacom bamboo nib, which is firmer, with the wacom intuos creative stylus nib. I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know what that’ll do to the pressure sensitivity or the drawing sensation.

The wacom intuos creative stylus has quirks that all wacom pens display, that weird bit of give and the clicky sound. According to wacom it’s all fine and within parameters, and my pen pressure sensitivity isn’t affected adversely. Still, if you think the wobble and clicky sound is beyond the scope displayed in the vid, contact wacom or you brick and mortar store to check it out.

Of Note: The Wacom intuos creative stylus is less responsive on an ipad air and mini retina ipad. No word on how and when they’ll fix that. more about the issue on the Wacom forum

Palm rejection isn’t supported in procreate since it relies on gestures for a smooth workflow. Check with the app you love to work with, to see if they’ve enabled it.

Battery life is still undecided. The battery the pen came with, gave out after three weeks of use. Faulty battery or faulty pen? Time will tell, since I’m documenting the daily use of the pen with the new battery. If you have to change it every three weeks that would be less than ideal. (Instead of the mentioned 150 hrs of use)

While the aaaa battery the creative stylus uses is less common, I was able to buy a two pack within a one mile radius of my home at the local radioshack. A hack to harvest the batteries from within another battery. Proceed at your own risk.

So what’s next? I’m going to try the hack I mentioned in the previous Sunday-Stylus run around via Germs770 a hack which has since been expanded on by crabfu follow the link for video of it in action and a how to fix up your pen like so. 🙂

Preliminary conclusion: I’m pretty happy with the wacom creative stylus.

Faffing about with the pen:

Observations based on using the wacom with procreate v2 on an ipad3

Pogo connect: buy or skip for now?

This review is based on the performance of the pogo connect with procreate app (v1.9-v2) over the course of a year and two pogo connect pens v. 1.0.4 and v.1.1


The looks

It is a minimalist space pen, about the size of a sharpie pen. The aluminum casing can be a bit cold to the touch, but warms quickly.


The button is placed a bit awkwardly on the pen. People with big fingers may find themselves pressing the button accidentally. Fortunately you can disable or give it another function than ‘undo’ in Procreate.

V1.0 After connecting the pen via the in app menu of procreate (located behind the gear icon) procreate will recognize the pen when it’s been connected. on the next start up recognizing the pen will take about 5 seconds.

V1.1 The new pogo hardware version relies on the pogo connect app where you can make adjustments to its sensors to tailor the pen pressure registration more to your liking. The v1.1 is more sensitive than it’s predecessor and the lines flow more smoothly from light to heavier pressure.


pogo connect

So connect with the connect app first then open procreate. Then find the wrench icon in procreate V2 and connect the pen by selecting it from then menu and pressing the pen’s button.
After these steps pogo connect will automatically detect the pen (when the pen has been activated by pressing the button) and connect on the next launch of procreate.

If you had customized procreate’s pressure sensitive pens to the pogo v1.0, you need to tweak the settings of these again for the new hardware & sdk. In the pogo connect app itself, you can set starting pressure and pressure registration.

The pogo’s ‘hundreds of pressure levels’ Work out to five different line widths when drawing precisely. With quickly sketching it comes down to three.

‘Registration on touch’ isn’t exactly that. You’ll have to exert some slight force. I’ve adapted to draw a little ahead of the area where I want my digital ink so when the contact registers it is right where I want it to appear.

Both v1.1 and 1.0 still don’t work with palm recognition very well, but I find drawing with ink and graphite already cured me of resting my palm on the ‘paper’ while drawing.

An illustrations I’ve made using only the Pogo Connect and the ipad3 with procreate:



The pogo connect is for you if

You have a confident sweeping drawing hand typically developed when you use markers on A3 sized artboards and when painting from your elbow, using fast movements you will not be irked by the slightly wobbely lines.

You are comfortable drawing with a wide rubbery marker/crayon point and not being able to see the contact point of drawing tip on screen.


Compatible with ipad 3 + 4

256 levels translates to five noticable line widths.

Slow movement makes for wobbely lines.

The aaa battery lasts 2-3 months with daily use and abuse of about 2-4 hrs of drawing.

The pen tip is still doing fine, no need to replace it yet.

The Bluetooth will nibble a bit off your ipad battery, but not as big of an energy void as might be expected 2-4 hrs for me came down to 20-30 % ipad battery life. Note: I do turn the brightness down to the lowest setting and turn of the wifi.

Good to know

You can daisy-chain the pogo connect to older ipads using an iphone 4s but it’s a shaky solution at best.


Most pogo’s have temperamental connection issues, first it loves your ipad until it suddenly doesn’t. Don’t know what exactly causes it, since it occurs pretty randomly you can go for sessions where it doesn’t wibble and sessions where it acts more like a small drunk pony.

Some pogo’s from version 1.0 have oxidizing problem + disengaging magnet/ breaking clip. Check your pogo on arrival!

It’s possible to fix it with solder. Or simply return under warranty.

Update: as noted by ten one design and procreate the current pogo connect hardware version is only partially compatible with the new ipad air.

Stylus Report December

The hunt for the next pen that will ‘glide like smooth butter over paper while muses are whispering inspiration in your ear’ is always ongoing.

No such pen/tool actually exists.But you might find a pen that’ll let you do what you do only easier.
So without further ado I present to you the Sunday-stylus-run-around:

Paperby53 introduces a new ‘square’ pen.
Not pressure sensitive, but it actually works like an analog pencil, meaning you can flip it around to erase.
Apps other than paper don’t take advantage of the ‘flip-to-erase’ functionality, but it should work decently as a ‘dumb’ stylus.
Nice: The 60$ pen comes with the full paper tool-set you’d otherwise have acquire via an in app purchase.
Of course inquiring minds pull the pen apart to find out what’s going in inside.

Intuos Creative Stylus
Slightly tardy to the pressure sensitive stylus for the ipad party Wacom joins the fray with their wacom creative.

If you enjoy the regular wacom bamboo stylus the rubber tip is pretty much the same on the creative.
And while pogo’s piezo-sensors don’t play nice with the new magnets in the ipad air, the creative happily draws along.
update: partial support for pressure sensitivity restored to pogo connect with ipad air

Haven’t had my hands on experience with the creative yet, but if the comparison videos are to be taken at eye value the line pressure variation has smoother transitions than the pogo connect. (It should with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity vs. connects 256 levels)

Conan what is best in life? To draw with an hex jaja in your left hand and a wacom creative in your right.
Even better let’s Frankenstein the Teflon tip of the jaja with the wacom creative, pressure sensitive plus precision!

HEX3 Launches a new kickstarter for YuFU PRO and two other styli.

“4048 levels pressure sensitivity” | Bluetooth LE (Low Energy = bluetooth v 4.) | With Tilt & Gestures”
And a variety of different tips: ultra fine tip 1.9 mm, brush tip, teflon tip, big nub.
The design looks a bit rotring pen inspired, nostalgia inducing!

And that’s it for november/december, Expect another collection of links on pressure sensitive pens next sunday.