Stylus Report December

The hunt for the next pen that will ‘glide like smooth butter over paper while muses are whispering inspiration in your ear’ is always ongoing.

No such pen/tool actually exists.But you might find a pen that’ll let you do what you do only easier.
So without further ado I present to you the Sunday-stylus-run-around:

Paperby53 introduces a new ‘square’ pen.
Not pressure sensitive, but it actually works like an analog pencil, meaning you can flip it around to erase.
Apps other than paper don’t take advantage of the ‘flip-to-erase’ functionality, but it should work decently as a ‘dumb’ stylus.
Nice: The 60$ pen comes with the full paper tool-set you’d otherwise have acquire via an in app purchase.
Of course inquiring minds pull the pen apart to find out what’s going in inside.

Intuos Creative Stylus
Slightly tardy to the pressure sensitive stylus for the ipad party Wacom joins the fray with their wacom creative.

If you enjoy the regular wacom bamboo stylus the rubber tip is pretty much the same on the creative.
And while pogo’s piezo-sensors don’t play nice with the new magnets in the ipad air, the creative happily draws along.
update: partial support for pressure sensitivity restored to pogo connect with ipad air

Haven’t had my hands on experience with the creative yet, but if the comparison videos are to be taken at eye value the line pressure variation has smoother transitions than the pogo connect. (It should with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity vs. connects 256 levels)

Conan what is best in life? To draw with an hex jaja in your left hand and a wacom creative in your right.
Even better let’s Frankenstein the Teflon tip of the jaja with the wacom creative, pressure sensitive plus precision!

HEX3 Launches a new kickstarter for YuFU PRO and two other styli.

“4048 levels pressure sensitivity” | Bluetooth LE (Low Energy = bluetooth v 4.) | With Tilt & Gestures”
And a variety of different tips: ultra fine tip 1.9 mm, brush tip, teflon tip, big nub.
The design looks a bit rotring pen inspired, nostalgia inducing!

And that’s it for november/december, Expect another collection of links on pressure sensitive pens next sunday.

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