Good Advice is the banister aside the stairway to hell (Parody)

We all know the original saying ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’

What I’ve always wondered is: is it just a road? Are there hills? Do you at times have to take a stairway? (This is hell after all, not a pleasure walk through the gardens.)

Twitter you tickle my funny bone quite often, especially when you’re in a quotational mood.

It comes in waves; the life is a half-full-glass-of-water-quotes, the mom-‘n-pop-quotes, the luxurious-lifestyle-affirming-choices-quotes.

Don’t feel bad we’ve all quoted at one time or another, It’s fun. it’s “like, your opinion, man” 😉

The things that occasionally set me out to writing repartee’s are the ‘life choice advice quotes’ that pretend to be/are made out to be the end-all-cure-all-panacea to your life’s woes, the troubled questions that race through your head at 4 am and hey it makes great coffee too while solving the oort-equation.

Let me tell you something: Advice Quotes are like self-help books.
They work for the person who is exactly like the author in many (but not all) ways.

So because you’re undoubtedly looking through my twitter timeline to sling some silly quotes back at me…. No, you’re not? I’m vaguely disappointed…

I’ll just list my favourite ones then.

“Smile, nod, agree then do what the fuck you were going to do anyway.” – R Downey Jr.
(great advice when people tell you what to think or do and they are wrong.)

“Do as I say, Don’t do As I do”
(on failing to uphold your own standards)

“Don’t listen to me. Get your own pick and mix.” – mother to her kids.
(Overheard in a supermarket, applies to life in general.)

On a more serious note:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Because this post was going nowhere fast.

Enjoy your day

and don’t listen to me.