Dr. Sketchy’s Amsterdam 6th July 2013 (Session 10)

Sometimes I only get around to posting these on the dr. sketchy amsterdam facebook page, because I can send the sketches in and they appear as if by magic. Margreet de Heer is pretty magical, don’t cha agree? Organizing dr. Sketchy’s Amsterdam event, making awesome comics!

So with a slight delay, here are some more sketches of 2013 sessions starting with session 10:

The bounty of an evening livedrawing:

See more drawings of other participants of session 10 over at the Facebook Gallery

What is a ‘dr. sketchy anti-Art School event?’

The intention is to (speed)draw live models, to enjoy the show the Burlesque artists put on and have a drink & chat while you draw.

Illustrators of all levels are welcome!

Here, you can draw however you like, with whatever materials you prefer. People bring all kinds of drawing implements from pencil, paint to pixels and even paper-cut artwork! There is no ‘strictly enforced method’ to fence in your creativity?

Want to drop by and draw with us?

Check out the official website of Dr. Sketchy Amsterdam and the facebook page for recent updates.

Read more about how dr. Sketchy’s anti-Art school came to be. And about it’s founder, Mother of all dr. sketchy’s anti-art school events: Molly Crabapple

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