show, don’t tell.

For some people saying they’re going to do something is as good as having done said thing.

..and then the project ends up languishing on a bed of good intentions

Don’t announce “I’m gonna draw/write”.

Do it and surprise us with the results.

* Make a to do list.

* Put a date on the phases of your project.

* Commit.

* Work backwards: where do I want to end up and how do I get there?

* Develop a routine.

* Take small steps, it is not flashy but you’ll have something more to show for it than you had yesterday.

* Review your progress at set points; look for issues you can optimize to improve.

The above advice is a distillation of all of the courses on ‘how to get things done’.

If a particular system works for you, go do it. (bullet journaling, keeping a diary, having a 5 year plan) but the above basically all there is to them.