take away tuesday

Also known as ‘what did she read last week that was interesting but didn’t fit in a tweet.’

On gender, character writing, world building, sexuality:

sff in conversation kameron hurley on a complexity of desires expectations of sex /sexuality in science fiction

Ach, sky net approaches: on tech, ease-of-use, data collection, opt in vs. opt out.

One customer card to rule them all, only it’s an app. (nl)

So, we’re watching you for our mutual benefit: wifi tracking of customers by electronics stores. (nl)

Keeping your internet experience within expectations:

Hahaha! Get Rid of ‘Viral’ Headlines With This One Weird Browser Extension

Something, something:

Cute, decorative ‘font’ made from cat pictures

Yummy, Art of The title has a process post on the making of ‘true detective’ title lead in.

Perhaps in the near future I’ll write a blog about the things I learnt (til) and applied or stopped doing because of these articles, but I only have one pair of hands to obey my multi-interested brain.

As ever, enjoy, discuss, be amused. Go make stuff.