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The care and feeding of your computer/unicorn

First I managed to buy a rare* lenovo *relative to sampled size- that wasn’t infected with superfish.

Then it turns out to be a preshus snowflake anyway because it only takes ddr3 pc3-12800 unbuffered non-ecc 1.35 volt variety-ram.

For those of you who would like to hear the suburban fantasy version:

Your unicorn only eats high altitude striped-variety moss.

Moss which grows on the south side of the doom-mountain* and even though it is called striped moss, it’s pretty indistinguishable from regular moss, poisonous-running-shits moss and hallucinogenic moss.

To find out which moss you have, feed it to your unicorn and retreat to a careful distance.

You can also purchase the striped moss variety from your friendly** wizard. Invariably they will have to order it and this may take a while, for reasons stated above.

*Ask a local what kind of mountain they live nearby, if the reply contains the words ‘doom, doomed, DOOOOOM ‘

It is a doom mountain.

** You can tell by the amount of enchanted gargoyles decorating the roof and vaguely bacon-smelling scorch marks near their abode. Lots of gargoyles plus a great many marks, better find a friendlier wizard.

It’s all just been a gorgeous mistake

If you suck at drawing backgrounds to your comics and illustration there are two approaches to it: practice, practice, practice.


If you just ‘don’t wanna’ don’t half-ass the job, don’t do it.

“But I can’t have all my characters live in deserts and frolicking in the vast darkness of space”

(The white dots representing stars most likely are the artist’s spittle, from foaming at the mouth of the thought of drawing backgrounds)

It’s okay to admit not only you can’t but also you don’t want to do that.

Perhaps it limits what you can do as a one person teamster, but dammit:

Don’t drop a randomly sourced cloud formation in your artwork as a cop-out background, then maybe because the option is there overlay a filter so it kinda looks better-ish.

Just don’t.

Best is to figure out what kind of backgrounds you do can and will draw.

And hey, sometimes you just gotta make yourself practice so you can say:

“Nope, I drew until my eyes bled and my fingers wept and it looks awesome but I just don’t like drawing backgrounds.”

Then have someone else who does like or can do it draw the backgrounds, and pay them well.

Dave Sim and Gerhard made it work. Recommended reading: Sean Michael Robinson: The Craft Behind Cerebus: An Interview with Gerhard (Part One of Three)

take away tuesday

Also known as ‘what did she read last week that was interesting but didn’t fit in a tweet.’

On gender, character writing, world building, sexuality:

sff in conversation kameron hurley on a complexity of desires expectations of sex /sexuality in science fiction

Ach, sky net approaches: on tech, ease-of-use, data collection, opt in vs. opt out.

One customer card to rule them all, only it’s an app. (nl)

So, we’re watching you for our mutual benefit: wifi tracking of customers by electronics stores. (nl)

Keeping your internet experience within expectations:

Hahaha! Get Rid of ‘Viral’ Headlines With This One Weird Browser Extension

Something, something:

Cute, decorative ‘font’ made from cat pictures

Yummy, Art of The title has a process post on the making of ‘true detective’ title lead in.

Perhaps in the near future I’ll write a blog about the things I learnt (til) and applied or stopped doing because of these articles, but I only have one pair of hands to obey my multi-interested brain.

As ever, enjoy, discuss, be amused. Go make stuff.

Out of thin air

*Waits for techgadgets to materialize and fall out of thin air into lap*

Because you never know. Can I buy the big ‘uns for myself? At my current savings rate maybe in two years or more?

This list just in case you’ve spare money lying around and you’re looking to spend it on someone you like. 😉

Wacom creative stylus | Wacom 13″ HD | Wacom cintiq companion (wasn’t offered via the wishlist options)

the dutch store wishlist | The amazon wishlist

If you would like to trade art for one of the above devices or hire me to speed up the savings process let me know. 🙂

Vergeet je hart niet | Don’t forget about your heart

English translation below

Dankbaarheid tonen kan op vele manieren.

Vandaag een herinnering voor mezelf:

Als je ergens erg blij mee bent bijvoorbeeld als iemand iets voor je heeft gedaan/doet zeg het dan of doe iets voor hen. Misschien heb je het al eens gezegd in het verleden, maar een compliment/kado is altijd fijn.


  • Geef een compliment aan vriend/familie/kennis. Kan eenvoudig zijn van ‘ik vind je lief’, ‘wat zit je haar leuk’ tot ‘dankjewel dat je me vorige maand kwam ophalen toen de treinen het niet deden.’ en verder.
  • Haal de was een keer uit en hang ze op voordat het jouw beurt is in het rooster
  • Gebruik je een plugin van een developer en ben je tevreden? Laat een sterren-waardering achter, een testimonial of maak een donatie. 🙂

Heel simpel maar in de drukte der dingen makkelijk te vergeten.


[expand title=”Click here for the English translation“]

Gratitude can be shown in many ways.

A blog-memo to me:

If you’re happy about/satisfied with something or something someone has done for you/does for you, express it. Maybe you’ve expressed it in the past.
A compliment or gift is never amiss.


  • Make a compliment to a friend/ family member/acquaintance. It can be a really simple i.e. ‘I like you.’ ‘Your hair looks nice.’ to ‘thanks for picking me up from the stations last month when the trains weren’t running.’ and beyond.
  • Do the laundry before it’s your turn in the roster.
  • If you use a plugin (or multiple) from a developer and are satisfied? Leave a star-rating, a testimonial or donate.

The above mentioned are very simple things, but easily forgotten about in the daily humdrum.





People who’ve seen the old sites might remember the little monkey and the elephant who made slighly cheeky announcements about server maintenance and a variety of other topics.

I thought I could be all ‘srs bsns face’ about my company branding, fact is, I did miss them gallivanting about the place.

While they are being redrawn (or ‘rebooted’ as dc or marvel would headline, but not grim and gritty, I assure you) Say hello to ‘Dropje’ (a slight pun on one of my favourite snacks, liquorice)

inkdrop mascot illustrating what inktspatten is all about; illustrative ideas
inkdrop mascot illustrating what inktspatten is all about; illustrative ideas


[expand title=”Klik hier voor vertaling in ‘t Nederlands”]Bezoekers die de oude websites hebben gezien, herinneren zich misschien nog de kleine aap en de olifant die lichtelijk brutale aankondigingen/opmerkingen maakten over server onderhoud en een verscheidenheid aan andere onderwerpen.

Ik dacht dat ik kon volhouden om inktspatten’s branding ‘serieus’ te laten zijn, maar ‘t is een feit dat ik die twee ondeugden mis.

Terwijl Aap en Olifant opnieuw worden getekend (of een ‘reboot’ krijgen zoals dc of Marvel zou koppen als nieuwsitem, maar dan niet grimmig en grof 😉
Neemt ‘Dropje’ de zaken waar (een kleine woordspeling op een van mijn favoriete snacks, liquorice)


Vroeger zwommen vissen trager (Poëzie)





Hadden we meer tijd

Spendeerden we onze dagen

Met relatief kleine dingen


In verhouding tot de toekomst


Soms wil ik gewoon binnen waaien

Zonder eerst langs de agenda’s te gaan

Maar ik weet dat


Kinderen & familie


Interessantere vrienden


Gewoon geen energie voor meer dan

Geen tijd

Geen zin


Weet je

Het is

Zo het is


En ik reis ook verder in de tijd

En ik ben ook niet meer zo makkelijk te vinden als vroeger

En misschien geef ik niet meer wat je van me wil nemen


Gelukkig heb ik de herinneringen.


Wanneer ik je zie zal ik je groeten zoals toen

En vergeef je de kleine dingen

Ze doen er niet meer toe.



Station Identification (who, what, where?)

You have arrived at the illustration portfolio site of Inktspatten – as written and drawn by Calliope den Ouden.

lilting, lisping and lollygagging.

I like archaic words, portmanteaus. I love illustrating ambiguous meanings. Drawing the viewers eye into an illustration by placing tiny elements slightly of kilter to everyday reality. I also have a preference for using an overabundance of colours.

The nature of the beast.

My specialization is in editorial illustrations and cartoons, graphic novels, drawing in a style suited to children’s picture books aiming to convey positive emotions. (There’s some dark satire around in my illustration portfolio too, if that is more to your liking.) Browse the portfolio>>

You may have noticed that I am an art-mercenary for hire on short and lengthier projects. Perhaps you’ve noticed me in connection with (re)building wordpress sites. You may have a question burning in your mind:

How do I get me one of those?

Easy! Send me an e-mail with your query via the contact form the address listed on my contact page. Quickly to the contact details >> Looking forward to hearing from you!

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