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You have arrived at the illustration portfolio site of Inktspatten – as written and drawn by Calliope den Ouden.

lilting, lisping and lollygagging.

I like archaic words, portmanteaus. I love illustrating ambiguous meanings. Drawing the viewers eye into an illustration by placing tiny elements slightly of kilter to everyday reality. I also have a preference for using an overabundance of colours.

The nature of the beast.

My specialization is in editorial illustrations and cartoons, graphic novels, drawing in a style suited to children’s picture books aiming to convey positive emotions. (There’s some dark satire around in my illustration portfolio too, if that is more to your liking.) Browse the portfolio>>

You may have noticed that I am an art-mercenary for hire on short and lengthier projects. Perhaps you’ve noticed me in connection with (re)building wordpress sites. You may have a question burning in your mind:

How do I get me one of those?

Easy! Send me an e-mail with your query via the contact form the address listed on my contact page. Quickly to the contact details >> Looking forward to hearing from you!

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