It’s all just been a gorgeous mistake

If you suck at drawing backgrounds to your comics and illustration there are two approaches to it: practice, practice, practice.


If you just ‘don’t wanna’ don’t half-ass the job, don’t do it.

“But I can’t have all my characters live in deserts and frolicking in the vast darkness of space”

(The white dots representing stars most likely are the artist’s spittle, from foaming at the mouth of the thought of drawing backgrounds)

It’s okay to admit not only you can’t but also you don’t want to do that.

Perhaps it limits what you can do as a one person teamster, but dammit:

Don’t drop a randomly sourced cloud formation in your artwork as a cop-out background, then maybe because the option is there overlay a filter so it kinda looks better-ish.

Just don’t.

Best is to figure out what kind of backgrounds you do can and will draw.

And hey, sometimes you just gotta make yourself practice so you can say:

“Nope, I drew until my eyes bled and my fingers wept and it looks awesome but I just don’t like drawing backgrounds.”

Then have someone else who does like or can do it draw the backgrounds, and pay them well.

Dave Sim and Gerhard made it work. Recommended reading: Sean Michael Robinson: The Craft Behind Cerebus: An Interview with Gerhard (Part One of Three)