How not to fight with family and friends about art(work)

Featured image <a href="">by Charlie Foster</a> via <a href="">unsplash</a>
Featured image by Charlie Foster via unsplash

…Always get it in writing.
Even if it’s (creating art)work done for family and friends.

I’d say especially if it’s work for family and friends because you already have built in expectations on how the work-interaction will go based on your earlier interactions.

And sometimes family and friends are the greatest at being family and friends but they aren’t as levelheaded in business situations.

“It’s a matter of trust”

But if you trust each other why not have a contract?

A contract is simply a written agreement which summarizes:

I’ll do this and that for you by this date in such and so manner. 

And in return for me doing the work (outlined above) for you, you give me your (eternal)gratitude and/or do me a reciprocal favour when the work is completed or at a later date (date).

Mending fences before they break.

Writing things down will give both parties an opportunity to amend misconceptions about what is whose responsability.

If everything is all right, you’ve just confirmed it is. 

If stuff is off balance, now you can fix it before it becomes a problem.


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